Rent a 7.5 Tonne Truck for Removals

At More Than Removals, we pride ourselves on our full bespoke service, taking care of each and every aspect of your move for you. From our initial removal survey we will provide everything you require, from removals boxes and packing materials, to carpet and furniture protection on the day of your move. 

However, we understand that this service isn’t for everyone. As part of our drive to offer the most comprehensive range of moving services in Newcastle, we have extended our flexible removals service with the option to rent a 7.5 tonne truck. 

HGV vehicles and the licences required, and eligibility to drive is a complex area, but more than that finding a 7.5 tonne truck to rent that is suitable for removals is nearly impossible! So, we’ve decided to offer our 7.5 Tonne trucks on a flexible basis, with a two or three man crew, all of the removals equipment you could imagine, and the complex paperwork and legislation taken care of for you. All you need to do is to tell them what you want them to do!

How Big is it?

Our 7.5 tonne removals vehicles are big enough to comfortable take the contents of an average three bedroom home. If your home is heavily furnished we would recommend a three man crew, otherwise 2 of our removals men will be more than up to the task of getting everything moved. 

And to top it all off, we’re offering this service at a flat daily rate:


Rent a 7.5 tonne truck and two trained removals men:

£480.00 (inc VAT) (8 hour day)

Rent a 7.5 tonne truck and three trained removals men:

£600.00 (inc VAT) (8 hour day)


 Bespoke Removal ServiceFlexible Removal Service
Trained, Experienced Removals MenRed TickRed Tick
Custom built removals vehiclesRed TickRed Tick
Floor and carpet protectionRed TickRed Tick
FuelRed TickRed Tick
Packing materialsRed TickOptional
£30,000 Insurance coverRed TickOptional
Protective coversRed TickOptional
SurveyRed Tick