How do Removal Companies do it?

Warwickshire Removals Companies

People are regularly amazed by the sheer volume of goods we manage to securely stack and fit into our removal trucks and vans, often referring to it as 3D Tetris. There is much more to it that may at first meet the eye, with every load carefully considered to ensure we make use of all the available space, and keep your furniture, boxes and loose items as secure as possible during the whole removals process. 

Being able to stack a removals truck well is a skill that comes with years of experience and training. We have a very specific way of doing things, to ensure that everything is as secure as possible, and highly unlikely to get damaged, whilst making use of all the available space. The three magic words are: Base, Boxes, Legs.

We work in rows, each approximately 18inches wide and work backwards from the very front of the lorry’s loading space. We’ll start off with what we call base: this is generally speaking the larger, square and sturdy items of furniture, such as sideboards, chests of drawers, tables and dressing units. We’ll chose these so that they are roughly the same height, and then once they are blanketed and protected, stack boxes on top of these. This leaves some space above for loose and more fragile items, such as chairs, side tables and soft bags, as in the photo at the top of the page, from a Stratford Upon Avon Removal. 

Proud to call removals a trade

There really is a skill to carrying out a successful removal; all of the above has to be thought about from the moment we enter your property, carefully identifying and selecting the next piece of the puzzle. What we think makes it even more impressive is that our removal crews work like this together intuitively, each knowing what is required next and where to put it. 

Anyone can load a van, but it takes years of experience to load a van to maximum capacity securely. We only employ full-time removals professionals, who know the job inside out. Over the years there isn’t much that we haven’t packed, wrapped and stacked, and that’s why we are proud to call ourselves a Removal Company.