How it Works: Overseas & Internationally

International Removal Companies
1. The Survey and Consultation of the International Removal Quote:

The first step of your move is to contact us to arrange your no-obligation survey. At this point, our removal consultant will assess the contents of your home to determine the resources and materials required to carry out your removal. They will describe how we would go about your move and offer advice as to how to keep the costs low and introduce our currency exchange partner.

2. Initial arrangements:

Once you are happy with our quote, we will begin arrangements for the shipping container to arrive either at your current property or our depot, where it will be loaded. From here, depending on the destination country, there will be specific documentation to complete. We will arrange this for you, and guide you through the entire process.

3. Inventory and removal:

Upon completion of the necessary documentation, we can begin your removal. Our crew will arrive to make an inventory of your goods and wrap and pack your belongings. Once this is completed, your assets will then be loaded onto one of our vehicles to be put into a storage container at our depot, or be transported straight to your address. The location of the container loaded with your goods depends on the accessibility of your current address.

4. Overseas Transport of goods:

Once loaded, the container is sealed and delivered to the port. Here, it is loaded onto a ship for overseas transport to your destination country. If you require a period of storage between the two properties, we advise storing with us. We also advise backdating the delivery, as storage holding fees at ports can be extremely high.

5. Delivery and unpacking:

Once you are ready for your goods to be delivered, the container will be loaded onto another lorry and transported to your new address. At this point, we will have arranged for one of our colleagues to arrive with the container to fully unload and unwrap your contents. In addition, our colleague will also carry out the collection and disposal of any excess packing materials used in the removal.

Container Sizes:

International shipping containers come in two standard sizes; 20ft long and 40ft long. Naturally, a 20ft container is cheaper to ship than a 40ft container. There may be the issue that the volume of your contents is on the borderline between the two container sizes. If this is the case, we may advise you to attempt to minimise the amount of good you are taking with you in order to lessen the cost if needs be.