Export Wrapping

Packing Service

Export packing and wrapping your contents for containerized shipment overseas is the best way of ensuring that your belongings arrive in exactly the same condition as they left the UK. Our international export packing teams are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of export wrapping.

How We Export Pack

We use a specialist range of materials to individually wrap each and every item of furniture. We also carefully pack smaller items into high-quality removals boxes. Each box will be individually labelled with its contents and the room it came from to help you when it comes to unpacking at your destination.

Prior to shipment, each item of furniture is labelled, numbered and inventoried. Next, each item is counted on and off the container. This means you can rest easy knowing that everything will be with you on the first night in your new property.

There is a considerable amount of material involved in export packing and wrapping an entire home. Therefore, we include the collection and recycling of all this material in your destination country. This will be by our affiliate who will have unloaded for you.

Packing Delicate and Unusual Items

We are always up for a challenge when it comes to packing. From bronze statues to taxidermy and high-value fine art to antique grandfather clocks, we can take care of it for you.

Our surveyor will ask and assess anything unusual that you may require when moving, and will suggest the best way to go about it. We can tailor our service to suit and carry out the wrapping or packing in advance, using a range of different techniques and materials. To put your mind at ease, you will be covered by our removal insurance throughout the removals process.

Fine Art Removals

For high-value pieces of art, we will take the dimensions and have a crate custom built to ensure the highest possible level of protection.