International Removals

International Removals

There may be a time in your life when you decide that relocating abroad is the next step. By using our dedicated commercial European & International Removals, we can ensure that we have both the experience and the knowledge to successfully move your home.

European Removals

Moving to Europe can be relatively similar to moving within the UK; it is just a greater distance to travel, with a bit more paperwork. Our advice is to opt-in for our packing service when moving within mainland Europe, especially with ferry journeys and longer travelling times. It is beneficial to ensure that your items are packed as securely as possible.

Depending on the volume of goods that you have to transport and the timescale that you are looking to adhere to, we offer two different services:

Service 1:

With a bespoke European removal, our crew will arrive at your property in the UK. We will pack your contents, and travel directly to your destination country and property, taking the fastest possible route.

Service 2:

When you have a smaller amount of goods to move and flexibility with dates, we can offer our groupage service. Equally, when collecting your belongings from your current home, we will arrange for them to be delivered to your property. We will provide you with schedules and estimated delivery dates. Be aware that the economic benefit of this service does require flexibility in the dates we can deliver to you.

International Removals:

Moving the entire contents of your home overseas is a different process for moving within the UK or Europe. If you would like help with this, then you can go through our removals checklist.

As we don’t have any amphibious vehicles, your belongings will be transported using International Standard Shipping Containers. In addition, overseas removals require a special kind of packing. Doing this is a much more thorough wrapping process. Each and every item is individually wrapped and packed in specialist materials.

Following this, we will load a shipping container either outside your property or on certain occasions, we may bring your goods back to our depot. The container is then taken to the port, where it is loaded onto a ship, and delivered to your destination country.

When you are in that country, we will have already taken care of the delivery to your new property. We then arrange for transport of the container to your new home. When the container arrives, the unloading and unwrapping are completed by an approved company in our international network.

Our company More Than Removals are part of the Beveridge’s network, so we adhere to high standards.