European Packing Service

European Packing Service

Our European Packing Service

As an expert international removals company at More Than Removals, we offer a European Packing Service to suit your requirements. Due to the larger distances involved with moving to mainland Europe, we recommend our full packing service. This ensures that your belongings are as secure as possible for the duration of the journey in a cost-effective manner.

As with UK removals, our European Packing Service crew arrives in advance to meticulously pack your goods. Each box is labelled and placed in the corresponding location in your new property. In addition to our free moving services quotes, we can also offer free quotes for our packing services.

These packing crews are fully trained and have experience in all aspects of both local and international packing and wrapping of your belongings. This includes the utilisation of the most secure and efficient methods. Each and every item within the boxes packed is fully insured for any breakage. This minimizes the likelihood of any damage and therefore lessens any stresses you may face. However, this is something we are unable to offer when you pack boxes yourself.

Packing time is often underestimated, especially when you are living in the property as you are packing. Using our packing service means that you can leave your property exactly as it is until the day before your removal.

The Day of Your Move:

Once the day of your move arrives, our crew will come and pack your belongings accordingly. Once packed and loaded, your goods will be moved from your old address to the new address, door to door. Any essential items that you may require to be left out of packing until your departure will be made sure to be packed last, for your convenience.

If you have items packed that are not necessary for your day-to-day life, we can provide storage services. It is important to be organized and know where all of your important documents are prior to your move. These are best-kept to hand.

Important Items To Have On Your Person:

Examples of such documents include passports, personal ID documents and an inventory list for the items of your removal. We aim to provide advice when it comes to customs clearances, as a move overseas can be more complex than that of a local move.