Newcastle Removals Team

More than removals newcastle north east team

At More Than Removals Newcastle, we understand what an upheaval moving home is, and how stressful that can be. We’ve grown to where we are today by abiding by one simple principle; putting the client and their needs first. 

Having the right staff to do the hard work is our number one priority, to help you to feel comfortable on move day, and for us to alleviate as much of the stress as possible. All of our team are full time employees, with a wealth of removals experience. We don’t hire casual labour, and never put anyone on a  job without training or a solid history in the removals industry.

Richard Churchill-Davies

The Boss

Richard was where it all started, and now takes care of the day to day running of the business. Having started out on his own and built the company up from just a single van, he's familiar with every aspect of the business, and has never lost sight of the highest levels of customer service.


General Manager

Robb is our general manager and expert removals surveyor. With years of experience in moving home and businesses, Robb is most likely the person you who will come to your property to carry out the assessment and provide you with your removals quote.


Operations Manager

Greg takes care of each job as soon as it is booked in and ready to go, from manning it, to ensuring the vehicles are ready to go and having the right materials.


Transport Manager and HGV Driver

Josh takes care of the administrative side of running the vehicles that we do, ensuring compliance, and ensuring that each of our vehicles is perfectly maintained.


HGV Driver

Paddy has decades of removals experience, starting when he was just 15 and doing it since then. There isn't anything he hasn't seen.

More Than Removals Dan


HGV Driver

Our HGV driver extraordinaire, Dan's usually behind the wheel of one of our larger vehicles, and with his years of experience then leads the jobs from start to finish.


Customer Support

Belinda is central to our team, our clients' first point of contact with us, and is always on hand throughout the removal process to guide you through the entire process.



Adam likes nothing more than a solid day of packing, specialising in fragile his first port of call on any job is usually the kitchen.

Reece More Than RemovalsNewcastle



Known around the yard as "Butch", his past in the military means each and every blanket on the vehicle is folded precisely!


Chief Blanket Folder

When he's not moving homes and families, you'll find Elliot in the gym. Nicknamed "Arnie" large plant pots generally have his name on them!