Choosing A Removals Company


Moving home is a complicated and life-changing process, and we understand that we are only a small part of the bigger picture. Naturally it is crucial to get right. Our removals company has grown organically from just one man and a transit van, and we put this down to one main factor;

  • our high levels of customer service and attention to detail.
  • We love moving houses, and from the boss to the office team, though to the removal guys themselves, it doesn’t feel like work.

This ethos is important to us as a local removal company, and one that despite our continually growing size, we are determined to maintain.

1. We’re independent.

At More Than Removals, we aren’t part of a large corporation or franchise, so we are truly independent. Managed, run, and operated by individuals, of course, we have total flexibility in the services we provide. Similarly, we aren’t restricted by any imposed regulations. Meaning that we can tailor our service to exactly what it is that you require.

2. We’re local.

We’re not one of the multi-nationals or nationals, we’re local, and we care about our local community. Our removals company employs local staff and use local services to give back to the Newcastle area.

3. We put you first

As a local company, we appreciate that word of mouth is hugely important. A job going badly is much more damaging to us than a job going well is positive. We can’t afford to get it wrong, and so make sure that we don’t.

4. Our Can-Do Attitude

We aren’t the type of company to stand with our arms crossed shaking our heads; we’re always up for a challenge and if it makes your moving process and life easier, we’ll always see what we can do for you.

5. Insured 

We are proud to say that we are very, very good at our job, but we are human, and mistakes can and do happen. For that reason, we are fully insured for all of the work that we carry out. Its better that we include £50,000.00 of removals insurance cover with every job that we quote for, no questions asked.

6. Fully trained and experienced removals men

We believe that although not officially recognized as one, removals are a trade. It takes experience and skill to move a house successfully:

  1. The sofa’s through tight doorways,
  2. Packing the best china, using the maximum available space on the removals lorry
  3. Not damaging anything.

Our crews have years of experience and are able to handle your goods securely and safely. In addition, ensuring they reach your new home exactly as we found them.

7. Top-notch removals vehicle

Not everyone is going to get as excited about our lorries as we do, but they are our pride and joy. Our fleet is constantly growing, from transit vans to Luton vans, 7.5-tonne removals lorries. On top of those, 18-tonne pantechnicons, and our 36-tonne road train. Each of our vehicles is custom-built for the job and immaculately maintained. Our vehicles are also as being tracked 24 hours a day so we know exactly where your goods are.

8. We’ve got all the gear

And we aren’t talking a few straps and blankets, our vans are stocked with everything you could imagine. From floor protection to piano covers, tool kits to door covers, we offer a  full range of high-quality protective materials. This is to ensure that your removal is as smooth as possible and minimize any chances of damage.

9. A fresh attitude to removals

We’re flexible, and combined with our can-do attitude will always endeavor to do whatever you require. Of course, we will offer our experience and suggestions, but if there is a particular way that you want something done, we will do everything within our power to make it happen for you.

10. Really, really nice staff

Moving home is a personal process, usually involving all of your belongings being handled by a crew of removal men. We wouldn’t want just anyone doing this, so we work hard at employing genuinely nice and friendly, yet highly professional removal men.